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About us


We want to be your strategic partner in every step of the journey, starting with ideation and innovation, all the way to the consolidation of products based on customized formulas, including their manufacturing and launch.


We develop high-quality products, made with inspiring, effective, and accessible formulas to meet the needs of consumers, ensuring their commercial success.


We offer solutions to large distributors, specialized retailers and private labels.


Participation in sustainable research projects.

100% Spanish production

Majority share of national suppliers.

Reduction of water and energy consumption.

Recyclable packaging, respectful with the environment.

Waste management through experts.

Safe and effective ingredients for skin well-being.

Extracts of natural origin.

No animal testing.

Priority for people, quality and environment.

Continuous training in best practices.



Thanks to our team of experts and efficient methodology, we can carry out high-quality developments in record time. Additionally, our production capacity allows the product to enter the market in a fast way.


We believe in accessible quality for everyone. To achieve this, we develop high-natural content products that are certified at competitive prices.


We enhance customer well-being with our proven natural products. We are committed to the environment and constantly invest in improving the sustainability of each process.


We capture the essence of nature and enhance it with technology. Our laboratories are equipped with the most advanced instrumentation and we conduct daily research in pursuit of constant improvement.




We foster a teamwork environment where appreciation and respect are key. We practice active listening and consider the ideas and contributions of all our collaborators.



We provide the necessary tools for transparent and cross-functional communication, achieving optimal performance of each team member’s tasks.



We train and educate our team to improve their skills and knowledge, fostering innovation and creativity in the search for solutions to challenges and opportunities.

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    1987 - Laboratories Forenqui is born with the objective of designing, formulating, and manufacturing effective and affordable products for all households.

    We launched ANIAN, our first brand of dermatological, hair and body care products, with formulas enriched with natural-origin ingredients.

    Since the beginning, we have been working with the main national distribution chains, such as Eroski, Consum, Alcampo, among others.

    We launched our first concentrated air freshener drop by drop under the Foresan brand, becoming one of the category leaders.

    We expanded our product range through innovative formulas at very competitive prices, investing primarily in R&D.

    We became leaders thanks to our iconic product Anian Natural Softening Cream and the launch of the dual phase hair conditioner.

    We developed and manufactured hair and body products for Consum under the Kyrey brand.

    The internationalization of the Foresan brand begins in several countries in the Near East.

    The success of ANIAN continues thanks to the launch of the Keratin Treatment Spray, present in many homes.

    We developed and manufactured cosmetic products under the Cien brand for Lidl.

    With the arrival of the avian flu, we began manufacturing hydroalcoholic gels.

    Due to the success of Foresan WC, we launched Foresan Deluxe, thus expanding the range of concentrated air fresheners.

    We internationalized ANIAN with a presence in more than 26 countries and opened a branch office in Colombia.

    We launched Anian Onion Shampoo, a product widely recognized for its results and spectacular scent.

    We developed the private label brand for D1-Koba, the leading supermarket in Colombia.

    We reconverted our manufacturing lines to focus on producing hydroalcoholic gels during the COVID-19 crisis.

    We invested in our production processes to make them more efficient and environmentally friendly.

    We redefine our corporate identity, the image of our brand product ranges, including unique fragrances, natural ingredients, the latest market trends and recycled packaging.

    Foresan is expanding its range of concentrated air fresheners with the new scents Amber, Blossom and Pure.

    We launch our new ANIAN collections to the market, with a new brand image and through new digital channels.